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Frequently-asked Questions

Me want play gaem can I pley gaem I love ms2 where gaem?

This emulator is a work in progress and most parts of the game are incomplete. There is some basic combat and some over world mobs.

I found a bug or something isn't working right in-game, what should I do?

You can submit an issue on GitHub here.

How do I use the emulator or how does this thing work?

Follow the steps from top to bottom in setup to get a local server hosted and a client that can connect to the server. You can follow the setup and just change the IPs to host a non-local server.

I'm not great with English or I find text guides confusing, are there any other resources?

There are a couple video guides that have been made, but they will not be entirely up to date. Here is the latest one them.

Are there commands or how do I spawn items, etc.?

The commands can be found by typing /commands in-game, and you can find map/item/mob ids by using the /find command. There is also this great explanation on how to find the ids inside the Xml file by Namity:

Where to easily locate IDs:
Items => xml.m2d/string/en/itemname.xml
Maps => xml.m2d/string/en/mapname.xml
Mobs and NPCs => xml.m2d/string/en/npcname.xml
Quests => xml.m2d/string/en/questdescription_[type].xml
Buffs => xml.m2d/string/en/koradditionaldescription.xml

You can use Orion 2 Repacker to browse through the .m2d/h files.

The server is running but nothing is happening

The execution of program was paused because the console has something selected or the program crashed.

  • Make sure in the console window, nothing is selected. You can check by looking at the title, if it says "Select ..." you need to click once inside or press ESC to stop selecting.

  • Look inside the editor (VSCode, Visual Studio, etc) to see if you have any exceptions. Check Frequently Seen Errors to see if the error is documentaded, if not ask for help in the discord or create an issue in the github repo!

I'm following the setup but it's not working?

First, confirm that you've downloaded/installed all the necessary components for the server and the correct client, detailed here. Then check the common errors to see if they resolve the issue. If you still have problems that are not listed in this faq you can head over to #help and ask for help.