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If you are a beginner, you want to use Visual Studio 2022 for the entirety of the setup. Remember, if you decide for Visual Studio 2022, you only need to do the Visual Studio 2022 parts of the tutorial and you can skip the other sections.

WARNING: You need to use Visual Studio 2022 Community (higher editions such as professional also work, but are not required). Versions below 2022 will NOT work

If you know what you are doing, we also have instructions how to setup the server using Visual Studio CODE but it is NOT recommended for beginners.

  1. Download Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition

    In case you prefer a Visual Studio alternative, you can use Rider. Rider is paid but free for students. The largest difference between Rider and Visual Studio will be, perhaps, different namings for the menu options, but you should be able to follow along the Visual Studio Setup analogously.

  2. .NET 6.0 SDK for your platform. If you are using Windows 64 bit, download Windows x64. If using Visual Studio 2022, you can skip this.

  3. MySQL. When installing MySQL you can leave all the settings as default, just choose a username/password. More information here

  4. Up-to-date MapleServer2 repository. If you are familiar with Git then it is recommended to clone or fork the repository, otherwise, use the download link and extract the files.

  5. MapleStory2 client with Orion2 already injected.